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The present invention relates generally to an electronic oscillator circuit and, more particularly, to an oscillator circuit that provides a single-ended output signal. Oscillator circuits are widely used in electronic circuits to provide a clock signal used in many operations such as demodulating radio signals and clocking various data and other operations. In many instances, the oscillator circuit needs to provide a single-ended output signal for various applications. That is, the output signal should be complementary with respect to the single-ended input signal. For example, the transmitter and receiver circuits of a remote control device are often built using complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) technologies. The transmitter and receiver circuits are used to perform operations such as demodulation and clocking. For such applications, a single-ended input signal is typically used for the CMOS receiver circuits. This single-ended input signal is provided by the oscillator circuit. The oscillator circuit provides the complementary output signal for the transmitter circuit. In such an arrangement, the oscillator circuit serves as a single-ended transmitter circuit, and the CMOS receiver circuit functions as a double-ended circuit. In view of the above, there is a need for a single-ended oscillator circuit. Broadly speaking, the present invention fills this need by providing a single-ended oscillator circuit that is simple and easy to implement in CMOS technology. The oscillator circuit of the present invention can be incorporated into an electronic circuit such as a remote control device, and can be used to provide single-ended signals as well as complementary signals. The present invention is embodied in an oscillator circuit that includes a current source coupled to a first terminal of a power supply. The oscillator circuit also includes a phase shift circuit coupled to the power supply. The phase shift circuit has an input coupled to an output of the current source, and an output coupled to a second terminal of the power supply. The oscillator circuit further includes a switch coupled to the first terminal of the power supply. The switch alternately couples the first terminal to the power supply and to a reference voltage for establishing a current differential that varies the oscillation frequency. The phase shift circuit can include a first transistor having a control terminal coupled to the input of the current source, a current path coupled in series between the power supply and the first terminal of the power supply, and a base terminal coupled to the output of the current source. The phase shift circuit can further include a second transistor having